I live in the north east of England. An area blessed with a beautiful coastline and countryside, it also has a strong industrial heritage. All of these things influence my work.

I'm passionate about being out with a camera, searching for images, watching the light and clouds change, making the technical decisions to capture the best image i can. I'm equally passionate about getting back home with those "raw" images and turning them into the vision i had in my mind's eye.

I began taking photographs aged about ten or eleven with an simple Kodak camera which i took everywhere until it broke. This gave me an enduring fascination for the process of looking through a viewfinder and creating an image with the press of the shutter. As a student at university my next camera was a film SLR which i used with several prime lenses. It wasn't until i took up photography again with a digital SLR and discovered a love for creating black and white images that i felt i was expressing a personal vision of the world as i wanted to.

Back in my student days i began reading photography magazines and books and discovered the work of greats like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Bill Brandt and many others. Their black and white images always jumped off the page. Looking back it was these images that left an enduring impression on me more than colour images. I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs as much as i enjoyed creating them.